What our customers say about Leverage


JG041222"YAY!!!!! Applause all around. We should be awarded the job based upon fabulous team effort alone! They kept asking about the ability to revise strategies based upon results - being nimble, in other words. We definitely proved it! We are so impressed with your entire team and what a pleasure you’ve been to work with on this proposal. You all are smart, gracious, detail-oriented (which clearly isn’t my strong suit) and very, very talented. I actually find what they’re expecting of an agency on this account (think we’re supposed to cure cancer, along with everything else….) rather intimidating. So did Laura Mecoy. But if we’re awarded it, we will absolutely make converts out of that commission.

Onwards and upwards - and thank you."

Kind Regards, Kimberly Macy






"You have been great through this process, and we will be calling you for assistance again"

Brandon Robinson, President
One Source Media





"The New York bid was awarded to us thanks to you all, and we all appreciate you daily when we receive orders."

Paul Mwangi, Vice President
Lead Staffing Corporation


"It has been a real pleasure working with you both! Being this is unknown territory for me in doing government bids it’s a bit intimidating, but once I get through this one, I have plans to engage you for many more projects right away. I am currently looking for more. Thanks again for making this a more comfortable exercise!"

ACG Technologies